Success Stories from Our Customers

Capterra Top 20

"Our team behind Aktiv Mind LMS is really pleased to announce that our platform has been reviewed and rated by Capterra as being amongst their Top 20 most user friendly LMS Softwares available."

FinancesOnline - Rising Star Award

"Our team behind Aktiv Mind LMS is really pleased to announce that our product has been thoroughly reviewed and tested by SaaS experts from FinancesOnline, a popular B2B & SaaS software review platform. The review team was very positive about their experience with the software and praised its features, customer support and versatility in their Aktiv Mind LMS reviews. In fact, they liked the software so much that they decided to distinguish it with 2016 Rising Star Award. This award shows that Aktiv Mind is generating a lot of interest among people and companies looking for a reliable LMS solution and that its position on the market is definitely improving in the current year."

FinancesOnline - Great User Experience

"Aktiv Mind LMS was announced as the winner of the 2016 Great User Experience Award for the learning management system category at FinancesOnline. This award is an indicator that Aktiv Mind LMS offers a smooth and intuitive experience with a clear user interface and short implementation period that each company will appreciate. You can start using the software really fast and training new employees in using even the advanced features will take no time."


"Aktiv Mind LMS runs our library of internal courses. We have hundreds of courses that we implement internally to our many thousands of employees. It was very easy for us to use Aktiv Mind to create our courses and roll them out nationwide. On their enterprise plan they offered to create our courses for us, but this was not required due to the platforms ease of use. I highly recommend Aktiv Mind LMS as an online training platform"


"We use Aktiv Mind LMS for our consulting, assurance and taxation service departments. We took advantage of their free managed LMS offer where they create courses and manage the platform for us. Their platform is cloud based and runs on all our web-connected devices (iPads, PCs, etc). One of the main features I love about Aktiv Mind is their reporting feature that provides detailed analytics and trainee status. They also allow custom reports to be created where it shows all the information I need. Our trainees have all been very happy using Aktiv Mind LMS and I recommend using them for course creation."


"We are a large bank and we use Aktiv Mind LMS to train a few groups within our organization. Aktiv Mind is fast, efficient, and they have great customer Support. Aktiv Mind LMS has a lot of features and their pricing plan is very straight forward with no hidden fees. We have been very happy with Aktiv Mind LMS and will continue to use them throughout the near future."


"We use Aktiv Mind LMS as our training platform to train candidates who want to become Police Officers. The support we received from Aktiv Mind was exceptional. They answered all our questions quickly and even offered us a hand in creating our courses. We currently have about 360 trainees that we train via Aktiv Mind LMS. I highly recommend their service"


"School of Real Estate was looking for a new home to build our online school and we definitely have found it with Aktivmind. Price is great and the system is easy to use. The trial system definitely helped close the deal in choosing them as our LMS. Setting up our student is a breeze. With easy access and an easy learning system, our students have really excelled in their studies. Aktivmind is very helpful and are open to ideas and suggestions. We have made many requests that this team was able to implement overnight or the following week. We trust our school with Aktivmind and we are happy with this business partnership."


"Aktiv Mind LMS has been great. We use the platform for our CFAT Training for the Canadian Military. We have saved a lot of time and money on training employees by using the platform. We currently have about 220 trainees across desktops and ipads."


"I have been trialling difference LMS platform for months. When i found Aktiv Mind LMS i was surprised to find they have an option of managed LMS, which means you provide them with your materials and they will create your training programs and handle everything else. There pricing is well below anyone else i've seen in the industry and the quality of their platform has been great so far. I really have to commend their support team, they really went above and beyond not only advising me on how to use the platform but also helping me with suggestions for my own business. I completely recommend their online training platform."


"AktivMind has been a great training platform for our 800+ trainees. We had previously used a few other LMS platforms and AktivMind offers us better service at a lower price. They provide excellent analytics and reporting features as well as an array of assessment tools. I would recommend AktivMind LMS for any size of business."


"Aktiv Mind LMS has been exemplary in customer service and platform quality. We have an integrate network of labs across the world that benefit from our online training material. With Aktiv Mind LMS's enterprise plan we had the option of free Managed LMS whereby Aktiv Mind created and managed all our courses for us. We had minimal involvement that enabled us to focus on our business. We have been with Aktiv Mind LMS for 2 years now and we give them our full recommendation "