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Welcome to Aktiv Mind LMS!

Aktiv Mind LMS is an online training software that enables you to create courses and assessments in order to train your team. Whether you're a company wanting to train your employees, or a school wanting to create courses for your students, Aktiv Mind LMS has the tools to help you. The core values at Aktiv Mind LMS are to create software that is easy to use, yet powerful enough to suit the users needs. We have been lucky enough to have had a strong positive response to our platform from all types of clients across many different types of industries. Our clients are made up of small businesses with under 10 employees, to large enterprises with over 2000 employees. We also cater to Governments and educational institutions as well as individual entreprenuers.
We have thousands of users who are using our easy to use platform across a multitude of devices. Sign up now for a 30 day risk free trial and contact us with any questions you may have.

Why We Do This

Our mission is to provide our users with a non-technical online training software that allows anyone to create and implement courses to train their teams. We offer course creation, quiz evaluation, and reporting standards and thus provide the full training package.

Our philosophy is to provide easy to use tools that any person could use. You don't need to be an IT individual or have any particular savvy computer skills. Aktiv Mind LMS is an easy to use platform that any business user or HR personal could use.

Our aim is to increase your business productivity by allowing you to train your employees. The Aktiv Mind LMS platform is available at any time and works across multiple device platforms such as PCs/Macs, Tablets, and mobile devices.